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Switchboard Upgrade

Your switchboard is the most important piece of electrical safety equipment in your house. Essentially it’s the ‘control panel’ of your home’s electrical wiring. It contains circuit breakers and safety switches (RCDs) to keep your property and family safe. All the power in your house runs through the switchboard. So, just like getting a car serviced, residential switchboards should be inspected and tested by a licensed electrician at least every 2 years to ensure they are up to date and in good working order.

You need to consider upgrading it for the following important reasons:

older switchboard have a greater risk to short-circuit, meaning that there is a risk of the fuses catching fire, or risk of electric shocks. We often see incorrectly sized fuse wire installed by the home owner which can mean there is no protection to that wiring. If your current switchboard still uses replaceable wires on the fuses, it is a safety hazard and needs to be upgraded.

Insufficient power supply
Our homes nowadays rely on many more appliances to run than they did in our parents’ day. With a heavy reliance on computers, air conditioners, home theatres, microwave ovens, EV chargers, pool pumps, stereos and more, it is essential that the switchboard is able to handle the amount of electricity required by the household. Indications of an insufficient power supply are: power tripping, flickering lights.

Safety Switch
A safety switch is a device that quickly switches off the electricity supply if an electrical fault is detected, to minimise the risk of electricity-related fires, electric shock, injury and death. An electrical safety switch is a crucial feature of modern switchboards.

An upgrade of your switchboard is not a big investment for the sake of your family’s safety or home. If you would like an assessment made of your switchboard, call Phasor Electrical for our professional opinion. We will test your switchboard for safety and give you a list of recommendations. To safeguard your family, make sure you don’t leave it too late to replace your ageing switchboard.

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