Why does my smoke Chirp?

Out of date

That annoying smoke alarm chirping might be a sign that you actually need to replace your device. Most smoke alarms have a life of around 10 years. According to the building code of Australia (BCA), domestic smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years. So, if you’re a landlord or property manager, make sure you are up to date. You will need a smoke detector compliance certificate if you are a landlord in NSW and plan to lease out your property.

Smoke Alarm Expiry Date Australia
Smoke Alarm Hallway

Why does my smoke alarm keep going off?


While smoke alarms are required to be in certain locations of a home according to the Building Standards Australia (BCA) It could be in an area where it is likely to be exposed to a lot of dust or moisture. You might need to consider relocating your smoke alarm to a position where it will encounter less debris.


A smoke alarm is placed in a hallway just outside the bathroom. As the door is opened after a hot shower the steam from the shower can trigger the sensors/cause damage to the internal components of the detector!

Faulty Smoke Alarm

Another cause could be as plain an simple as one of the smoke detectors is faulty. If you have multiple detectors and one is faulty then that one smoke detector can trigger the others via an interconnect wire (this means that if one goes off it will set the other smoke detectors off so you can hear them in multiple areas of the house). In our experience using different brands that are interlinked can also be a factor in whilst your smoke alarms might go off.

Faulty Smoke Alarm
Smoke Alarm Cleaning

Dirty Device

Well dust might be the culprit. When dust gets inside your alarm, it can disrupt the internal sensors. Any debris on the outside of your device can cause confusion of the external sensors.

The best way to avoid a false alarm is to clean the inside and outside of your alarms regularly. You can do this with a vacuum cleaner, duster, or paint brush.

In Conclusion

The main problem with smoke alarm replacement is remembering when you last installed a new one and we all know how fast time flies. Luckily, a lot of new devices have a built-in “end of life warning” that will indicate the need for replacement. The sound your system makes will be unique to your device but it will likely be similar to the low battery warning sound. Check the manual (if you can find it) or have an internet search of the model number to identify the sound.

You can also find an expiry date on the side of the device.

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