During the 2000s halogen downlights were a very popular light fitting that was installed but due to the ever increasing fire safety concerns we always advise our customers to upgrade to LED Downlights.

Fire safety

Halogen downlights have been known to be a fire risk, due to the high operating temperatures which can be upwards of 370°C which can be a potential fire risk to near by insulation, cable sheath and roof timbers

According to Fire NSW

“Over the past five years there have been a significant number of fires in NSW related to halogen down-lights. Halogen down-lights create a lot of heat and if they are not correctly insulated, installed and maintained they can cause a fire. Halogen lights generate very high temperatures which can get anywhere up to 370C.”

Source: https://www.fire.nsw.gov.au/page.php?id=709

Burnt Electrical Cable

Energy efficient!

Besides saving your house from a potential fire. Upgrading your lights can dramatically improve your power bill.

In our example we will use a 3 bedroom single story home that has 30 down lights that have 30 x 53 watt Halogen globes on an average of 4 hours a day, by using Philips light globe calculator we can see that upgrading these to 7 watt LED could save you around $402.96

I think we could all agree that an extra $400 a year would be nice!

LEDs last longer

Halogen lights have an average life expectancy of 2000 hours whereas high performing LEDs should last for 30,000-50,000 hours though this differs from quality of the product and different manufacturers so remember to check the specifications of the downlight you buy.

Color temperature Options

Most LED Downlights these days come with Tri-Color Options which means you can change the color of the LED to suit your home. These are the color temperature range:

3000k – Warm White is the most similar to the halogen light color.

4500k – Cool White this is the most white light out of the color scale.

6500k – Day Light: The brightest of the 3 options but does give off a whitey/blue colored light.

In my experience as an electrician most customers either go with the Warm White (3000k) or Cool White (4500k) option.

About Lighting Color Linkind LED Light scaled 1

Value to your home

Upgrading your out of date Halogen down lights can modernize your whole home and will add value to your home! A great investment!

Other Types of led lighting

You can also upgrade other light fittings and fixtures in around home or office to LED: these include

Residential lighting

Oyster Lights
Batten Lights
Pendant lights
Fan Lights
Outdoor security lighting
Garden lighting

Commercial lighting

Pendant lights
Emergency lighting
Track lighting /spot lights
Shop Signs
Outdoor lighting

In Conclusion

Modernizing your home or office, helping the planet and saving on your power bill is a win in our eyes. When it comes to replacing your old halogen downlights with LED downlights, it’s best to get an electrician to help you, Helson Electrical Services located on the Central Coast are here to help, contact us today to get your downlights upgraded! Once fitted, you’ll enjoy energy savings, peace of mind and exceptional performance for years to come.

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